H i G H    L O N E S O M E    B L O G G E R  

over on the windfall
photog:PJRandolph 2012

windfall autumn 2013


up betimes.
i've got that song by the incredible string band in my head..


As I beside some winter's fire
sat writing words strange and steady
amongst my own internal choir
came voices to my mind unready
Of those who died on either side
while friends cry o'er their bones unburied
go sighing through the North east wind
these cold days of February

Some clerk with papers and his pen
some banker with his poison penny
some Captain careless of his men
These fan the flames that maim the cities
And bigots in the name of Christ
by thorny paths obscure and muddy
can fear to roam through years of cold
bewailing how their hands are bloody

Whether they were from here or there
their race and place I would not be heeding
The men who caused such bitterness 
If hearts they have - Let their hearts be bleeding 
who neither for age nor the young child
would turn the shot of the arms they carried
Go bear the guilt a weary ways
for the cold days of February

- robin williamson

 . . . and now good-morrow to our waking souls . . . john donne 


a chill grey saturday
going through & discarding old files, papers, stuff n more stuff
& realizing, yet again, that i've forgotten more of my life
than i'll ever know. 

a thought which brings to mind..
I've Forgotten More Than You'll Ever Know About Himmmmm 
THE DAVIS SISTERS : Betty Jack & Skeeter 
Chet Atkins gitar . . from 1953


message from my friend uta brown . friday, 2.15.2013, 11:13pm 

I don't remember who said it, my river friend, but it was a saying about

two people who go out and explore the world. and they come back together

many lives or years later and they agree on what the truth is.  I am

reading some books that are blowing my mind.  You know well that I am not a

religious person.  I believe in Christ as a man, a great and humanitarian

man, whose elevation to God robbed him of everything human he ever was.

You don't throw the most cherished people into the ether and then try to

climb into eternity with them if you live in my universe.  On the other

hand, where are you when you are in ecstasy?  Who gives you the right to be

there?  Or do you have that right by simply being spiritual?  To me, if we

want to call ourselves Christians it is our obligation to remember this

wonderful human being.  If he, then me.


I'm reading material that proves my point, but of which I'm basically

ignorant.  Our minds can be shaped by our thoughts.  Or our minds can

actually shape our brains, and give us the habits of happy thoughts.  We

can conquer our depressions.  We can change the synapses in our brains

which control our emotions.  The book is called Buddha's Brain.  But there

is much more to it than that.  And though there is a great deal of

scientific jargon in another book, Forgotten Civilizations, let me just

explain why this book is also blowing away my mind.  You know very well

about how the spiritual and ancient world and now the modern scientific

world are coming together.  As above, so below.  But this is much more than

belief.  The entire undulating and busy and microscopic universe is

connected in a way that we are just beginning to understand.  What happens

on our sun DOES affect us.


You are going to another place.   It will have different configurations and

topography.  You will feel more and less familiar with it.  It will embrace

you.  But you will always bring your brain with you, and that is what we

need to change, if we need to change the world view, but also if we need to

change the world.  You've changed mine.  So this endeavor can never be

accomplished alone.

If this is where your music is, then go there.

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