H i G H    L O N E S O M E    B L O G G E R  

over on the windfall
photog:PJRandolph 2012

windfall autumn 2013


33rd Annual Old Songs Festival 

Altamont, NY


Beautiful gathering for Jean Ritchie in Berea, KY
in June.. Jean was shining and in good spirits
and she graced us with her presence for many hours.
Some of us will appear on a tribute album in her honor,
due out this Fall. My contribution to the project is
'Now Is the Cool of the Day', my favorite JR composition.  

Jean is wearing the white rose I gave to her.


Grandmothers' Hymnal

This is my ggGrandmother Rachels' well-worn
Primitive Baptist hymnal, presented to me by my cousin
Joy at Sunday breakfast last summer in Princeton, WV.  
After biscuits and gravy, we sat around the table talking,
singing, and praying. Joy said my singing reminded her of
the way our Grandmother Hankins sounded. That was music
to my ears, but most especially to my heart. Joy slipped away
from the circle, then reappeared with the little hymn book
pictured here.

ggGrandparents Joseph Paris Pruett & Rachel Asbury Pruett
Tazewell Co., VA   


Once upon a time, deep in the hills of southwest Virginia..
You are looking at a photograph (circa 1912) of my great grandfather
William 'Rowdy Bill' Wilson, & my great grandmother Annie Laura Clifton. 
In her arms is their first born - my grandmother, Mollie Wilson. This picture
is particularly precious to me. Two months after giving birth to my mother,
Mollie died four days shy of her 17th birthday. I had no photographs of her
until now, thanks to a cousin i met through Facebook.


up betimes, as usual.

falling in love with felix mendelssohn.. or atleast some of his earliest works.

Upon Mendelssohn's death Jenny Lind wrote, "[He was] the only person who brought
fulfillment to my spirit, and almost as soon as I found him I lost him again."

well, my friends, i'm on my journey of  ~ NOW IS ETERNITY ~
& i'm in a serious mood.  there is much lifework to attend to 
& there must be time & space to breathe & be, here & now.
there is little time or space in my heart these days for social media, or mass media.
it's gotten too dang big for its britches. i wanna spin out of the media maelstrom.
still, here i am, contributing to it.  years ago i asked myself if i wanted to smoke,
or sing.  it was an easy choice. is it necessary to make such a choice between
the virtual world and real life? 

my decision to abstain from FB 'for lent' is a natural development of soul-searching
that's been stirring in me for awhile.  i must say i'm enjoying a renewed sense of
privacy. i do miss my FB friends. the immediate, multiple interaction can be lots
of fun. practical, even. but there is the ever encroaching presence of our invisible
un-friend, otherwise known as  B i gg . B r u th a h.  big fat stealth bully spoils
the fun.

reckon it would behoove me to trundle my musings back to pen & paper
as i orginally journaled, since age 13, thanks to a little curly red-head
english teacher by the name of mrs. linda taylor. bless her heart.
she also turned me on to laura nyro , by way of eli & the thirteenth confession.

we shall see.  there are no hyperlinks in 'dear diary' but there is a lock & a key.