H i G H    L O N E S O M E    B L O G G E R  

over on the windfall
photog:PJRandolph 2012

windfall autumn 2013


ho ho ho

here's me singing an r&b christmas classic a few years back
with a couple of DC area musicians, zan mcleod & tina chancery.
i learned this song from a 50s record by mabel scott.
merry christmas everybody. good will toward all.  
joy, health, love, & peace be all here in this place!


Working on my Osborn family tree this evening.
Here's a picture of great uncle Hiram "Grand Sire" Osborne,
brother to my 4th grandfather Benjamin Osborne, with his wife Nancy Mullins.
As with my Clifton clan, these Osborns have a rich & extended lineage into England,

Grand Sire was born in Scott Co., VA 17 November, 1798.
Nancy was born in TN 11 September, 1799.





Familial Air

Two handsome fellows who share a certain air..

My gg grandfather Peregrine White Clifton of southwest Virginia & my 17th
grandfather Cuthbert Clifton, Sir Knight, of Westby, County Lancashire, England.
What do you reckon they'd have to say to one another? 




My great great grandfather 

Peregrine White Clifton @ age 20
(who was named after the first born child on the Mayflower
while anchored at todays Provincetown Harbor)
Born in Patrick County, VA 1865
Died Buchanan County, VA 1928
Our Clifton lineage has been thoroughly traced
by some dedicated genealogists to medieval England,
heraldry & nobility. Fascinating family history. 
But wait.. there's more..




17th great-grandfather Cuthbert Clifton, Sir Knight

& fellow LEO..
born August 22, 1586
died 1634
Lancashire, England